A variety of experience in creating mobile friendly websites for user interaction includes collapsible header, smooth scrolling to page sections, eCommerce programming, form processing, displaying random text, accessing database and working with WordPress plugins and themes. Additional experience includes giving presentations on WordPress plugin and PHP object-oriented programming and blogging. Experience with graphics includes logo creation, color enhancing and photos editing including removing scratches and blemish marks from old photographs. Languages and programs include HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, WordPress plugins, accessing MySQL data with PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop and Ilustrator.

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The WordPress content management system is very versatile for creating blogs and websites. Installed, it comes with basic features and plugins. However, in order to expand its functionality, we need to use plugins. There are plugins that provide a variety of functionality including: SEO, backup, security, eCommerce, analytics, contact forms, etc. Many of these types of plugins are available for free or for purchase. However, if you need a function to be accomplished that the existing plugins do not offer, then you can write a plugin.

What are the characteristics of a plugin that make it unique? First of all, the code is written in php, html, css and javascript. Most or all of these languages are necessary for writing functionality from scratch. But if you want to make this functionality operate in WordPress, it is necessary to use hooks in your code.

What are hooks? Hooks are functions that reference internal functions in Word Press. First thing to know is that when a WordPress web page loads or is refreshed, a number of internal functions execute. You will not see these functions execute unless there is a problem with their execution.

For instance, when the page loads, one of the internal functions is admin_notices. The purpose of this function is to display notices in the header area of the admin area, if there are any to be displayed. If you want to display text in this area it is necessary to use an add??_action hook. Syntax is shown below:

add_action( ‘ admin_notices’,  ‘ function_name’);

Let’s say that the said function_name uses HTML to echo a character string. When the page is refreshed and the admin?_notices function is encountered in the wordpress page execution, then the execution of the said function_name is added to it. Therefore, the character string that the function echos will display in the admin_notices area.


Available for download are two of the most recent presentations for which I have made the recent WordPress Meetup and PHP Web Developers Meetup:

Selection Date Title


1/7/16 PHP Object Oriented Programming Basics


10/26/15 Wordpress Plugin Creation Overview


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Daniel W. Kline

Oklahoma City Metro


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  • Foundtional Angular
  • Bootstrap / Responsive Design
  • JavaScript/jQuery programming
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • PHP Object Oriented Programming
  • eCommerce programming (Stripe)
  • WordPress Foundational Plugin Creation
  • Adobe Illustrator: Logo design
  • Photoshop: Mockup design, photo editing
  • WordPress
  • Accessing MySQL data


Fa/15 – Present

Freelance Web Designer/Developer, Oklahoma City, OK

Building website for United Nations Oklahoma City Chapter. Updating portfolio with JavaScript constructs for collapsible header, smooth scrolling from nav menu to page section. Also implementing Bootstrap for responsive design, new Google reCAPTCHA for form processing and Google Analytics (www.danielklineweb.com).

Sp/16 – Sp/17

Delivery Driver / Pizza Preparer, Marcos Pizza, Oklahoma City, OK

Taking customer orders and entering into computer system, preparing pizzas, delivering orders with iPhone app, accepting monies and offering change.

Fa/13 – Fa/15

Technician/Mechanic/Manager/Deliverer, 16th Street Storage, Meridian Car Wash, Flowerama, OKC

Installing and testing credit card payment processing equipment, Updating database to store storage tenants records, Updating display format for tenant contracts and letters using mark-up, Installing and maintaining automatic and self-serve car wash equipment.

Sp/13 – Fa/15

Freelance Web Designer/Developer, Oklahoma City, OK

Creating Stripe eCommerce application programming interface with PHP to collect payments for MP3 music file downloads. Creating and maintaining websites for the following organizations: Ability Connection, Pinwheels for Peace, Yurp, entertainer Ieshia Meshyll. Tasks include the displaying slide show and photographs, displaying copy for organization, Creating graphics image for local client

Sp/12 – Sp/12

Web Developer Internship, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Technical SolutionsEdmond, OK

Creating website and database for healthcare exchange consistent with the Affordable Care Act for the purpose of allowing patients to manage their own health records by allowing physicians and payers to access patient data. Tasks include: Determining data (diet and exercise routines) to be stored in database, Creating entity-relationship diagram (ERD) for database and Creating flowchart illustrating flow of information processes.

Su/10 – Sp/11

Administrative Assistant, Respect Diversity Foundation, Edmond, OK

Formatting teacher/student entry forms for museum exhibit information cards and contest application forms, Assisting students in painting wall mural titled “We Care for the Earth” at Science Museum Oklahoma, Interview students to determine inspiration for mural design for magazine article.

Sp/10 – Su/11

Crew Leader Assistant, Enumerator, 2010 US Census Bureau, Oklahoma City, OK

Conducting meetings with enumerators, verifying their questionnaires are filled-in correctly, conducting field observations with enumerators, going door-to-door in assigned areas to assist residents in completing census questionnaires.

Sp/09 – Su/10

Executive Director, Gold Dome Multicultural Society Art Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

Maintaining website, Maintaining membership email list and contact information, Creating and managing art exhibitions, Planning events, Writing press releases, Consulting with artists, Advertising events with wimgo.com, Facebook and Twitter.

Fa/09 – Sp/10

Computer Consultant, Self-Employed, Oklahoma City, OK

Establish multi-user license for Medisoft patient database for health care field, Backup data, Upgrade operating system, Install memory card, Password protect spread sheets, Train staff to use software

Su/07 – Sp/10

Caregiver for Parents, Oklahoma City, OK

Fa/05 – Sp/07

Guitar Instructor, classroom, Advanced Science & Technology Education Center, Inc. (ASTEC) & Harding Fine Arts Academy, Oklahoma City, OK

Fa/96 – Su/09

Guitar Instructor, private, South Carolina & Oklahoma City, OK

Teaching students to read music notation, shape their hands/fingers to make chords, conduct strumming/picking patterns. Also teaching students to play to a steady beat and to play with other musicians.

Sp/95 – Su/95

Computer Technician, AT&T Global Information Solutions, Liberty, SC

Testing windows based notebook computer software, verify that the factory-installed software operates correctly, making note of abnormalities to go back to the design process, installing and configuring hard-drives in desktops.

Fa/94 – Sp/94

Engineer, Ford Audio-Video, Dallas, TX

Designing, installing audio and video systems for churches and commercial business. Using Cadvance computer-aided drafting software to illustrate the designs. Consult with project managers, technicians and installers.

Fa/89 – Fa/93

Computer Systems Engineer, Lockheed-Martin, Fort Worth, TX

Writing FORTRAN software to analyze post flight data analysis, creating program to generate report of raw data, Writing program that analyzes the file of an Assembler program, Configuring FileMaker II database to store equipment inventory and calculate year-to-date depreciation, write F-16 aircraft flight simulator test procedures. Intermittent due to college Cooperative Education program.

Fa/87 – Fa/87

Computer Systems Engineer, Programmer's Assistant, Nortel, Richardson, TX

Maintaining mainframe computer data lines and terminals, conducting reset procedure for system printers, verifying paper and toner for laser printer was full. Cooperative education semester off from school during this position.


Sp/16 – Present

Oklahoma Developer's Bootcamp,

OK Coders, Oklahoma City, OK

Certificate: Sp/13

Web Development Certificate,

Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Su/07 – Fa/08

Studying Music Education, Jazz Guitar,

University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK

Degree: Fa/99

Bachelor of Arts in Music, Classical Guitar,

Anderson University, Anderson, SC

Degree: Sp/91

Bachelor of Science Electronics Technology with Computer Science Emphasis,

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK



Website Design Team Winner

State and National Business Professionals of America


Avalable upon request