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Patos Vitória

Catching the Wind in Chicago 2012

Chapter Name/Number: Post Secondary/03-0042 - Year: 2010/2011
Francis Tuttle Technology Center / Web Design and Development
12777 N. Rockwell Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73142 - (405)717-4900

About us:

When we decided to compete in the Web Site Design Team event, we were all very excited and had many ideas. A lot of work went into accomplishing all that we did. We met with numerous challenges along the way. We managed to overcome most of those challenges; however, there are still a few issues.

The mobile design, for instance, was a struggle. None of us had created a mobile site before starting this project. A great amount of effort was put forth and we have come out with an awesome website, both screen and mobile versions. It was important to us that we use innovative technology whenever we could. Therefore, we used media queries to call the mobile stylesheet. Yet because of this, our CSS does not validate. The W3C CSS3 validator will not validate with the min or max-width that we used for our media queries.

Both “markup...meets validation” and “effective use of innovative technology” are criteria for this event. After some discussion, we decided to take the risk and include the media queries in our markup despite the fact that they will not validate.

Web design is an ever-changing field and it can be hard to keep up with those changes. In order to be a successful web designer, one must keep up with the newest technologies, even if that means not meeting validation.

Elise Alley photo

Elise Alley - Project Manager

I am part of the Web Developer program at Francis Tuttle. My ultimate goal is gain knowledge that will help me, along with my BA with a focus in English, to gain a position with a publishing company. Books and computers are two of my favorite things in life, so working with a publishing company would be the ultimate job for me.

When not on a computer, I enjoy reading and traveling. If I had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, I'd move to England. However, I'd also love to live on either U.S. coast or just about anywhere in Europe!

Feel free to email me with questions about this project or any other work on my portfolio.

Terry Walk photo

Terry Walk - Visual Designer

I have extensive background in graphic design but want to use this knowledge of web development to enhance my skill sets to include web design and development. I have enjoyed learning what it takes on the back end to create and develop awesome websites. My favorite part of web development is learning what good clean code is and how it affects your website.

My hobbies include: woodworking, golf, softball and supporting many local sporting teams. Some of the favorite places I have enjoyed include: snow skiing in Colorado, scuba diving in the Philippines, whitewater rafting in Tennessee and enjoying the beaches of Florida.

Victoria Campbell photo

Victoria Campbell - Web Designer

I am hoping the web developer program will give me the knowledge that I need to be a successful and sought after web developer. My favorite part of web design/development is the feeling when I run the validation program and it comes up all green and says, “Congratulations! Your code has passed!” And if that isn't enough, I love seeing all the languages and coding working together to create an awesome website. When I am not coding and creating “wow” factor websites, I love to create things from nothing. I love making useful things from tossed away or otherwise useless stuff.

I have seen the grand canyon, and the rocky mountains and I loved both of those places, but I would have to say that the place I yearn to see or experience again would be the beach close to Port Charlotte, Florida. So warm and beautiful.

Daniel Kline photo

Daniel Kline - Mobile Designer

Interest with computers, visual design and the desire to apply logical reasoning to make systems work was the impetus for enrolling in the Web Development program. Developing websites to serve clients’ needs is my ultimate career goal as establishing a server side database allowing form data entry and creating an aesthetically pleasing user website is my ultimate goal. Researching the history of the internet has been my favorite part of my studies.

Playing classical guitar, cooking, origami, spending time with friends and family and volunteering in the community are my greatest hobbies. Thomas Edison’s research laboratory museum in West Orange, New Jersey, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, travelling overseas and going to the beach are my greatest interests.