Logo Design


Create a logo for branding purposes


  • Interlocking gears to indicate work being performed
  • Blue above indicates the blue sky
  • Green below indicates the grass
  • Multicolored blocks to indicate buldings community buildings
image of logo community-focused web development solutions

Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • n/a

What I Did

  • Created a logo to represent my branding tagline ... "Community-Focused Web Development Solutions"
  • Using the interlocking gears to represents the inter-working parts of website development and how they work together (e.g., writing code, displying and styling information)
  • The blocks in the background represent community buldings with the yellow arrow pointing upwards representing upward movement
  • Logo was created as a square format (1:1 ratio) so that it could easily be used for a social media image


  • There was a learning curve since this was the first project for which I did using Illustrator


  • Reviewed online resources for explantions
  • Consulted professional who have used to product
image of logo community-focused web development solutions